Download the GLTN brief on fit-for-purpose land administration

19 Mar 2016
Download the GLTN brief on fit-for-purpose land administration

The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) has released a brief on 'fit-for-purpose' (FFP) land administration practice, available for download free of charge.

The FFP approach provides a new, innovative and pragmatic solution to land administration focused on developing countries, where current land administration solutions are not delivering.

The solution is directly aligned with country-specific needs, is affordable, is flexible to accommodate different types of land tenure, and can be upgraded when economic opportunities or social requirements arise.

The FFP approach includes three fundamental characteristics. Firstly, there is a focus on the purpose before designing the means to be most "fit" for achieving it; secondly, the FFP approach requires flexibility in designing the means to meet the current constraints; and thirdly, it emphasises the perspective of incremental improvement to provide continuity.

Download the brief from the GLTN website here.

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