Ambo University seeks educators for new courses in planning

18 Aug 2016
Ambo University seeks educators for new courses in planning

Ambo University (Ethiopia) is searching for educators to assist with the launch of new undergraduate programmes in subjects related to planning, surveying, geomatics and land management.

Ambo University has been tasked by the Federal Government of Ethiopia (Ministry of Urban Development and Construction, Integrated Urban Development and Management Project Office) and the Oromia Regional State Government (Integrated Urban Development and Management Office) with running undergraduate and postgraduate programmes (including a PhD programme) to produce critically needed human resources for the rapid implementation of the new urban land administration and management plan that the government has designed.

In this regard the University has already decided to launch undergraduate programmes in 'urban land use planning, 'cadastral surveying' and 'geomatics' (and possibly 'land administration and management') in the coming academic year, and to build from there onto other programmes - especially postgraduate programmes.

In particular, the University requires experienced professors and researchers in the following fields:

  1. Urban Land use planning
  2. Land Administration and Management
  3. Cadastral Surveying
  4. Geomatics
  5. Geoinformatics
  6. GIS and Remote Sensing
  7. Urban land and real estate economics
  8. Urban Property and Land Law
  9. Geodesy/Geomatics
  10. Urban Land Property Valuation
  11. Land Policy

The staff would be hired as 'expatriate teachers' with salaries in the range of USD 1,500 to 2,500 per month, depending on qualifications and experience.

For more information, please contact Prof Giorgio Bulgarelli.

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