GLTN publishes 'Key messages on land and the New Urban Agenda'

25 Aug 2016
GLTN publishes 'Key messages on land and the New Urban Agenda'

The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) has published two short documents presenting the New Urban Agenda's key messages relating to land.

Building on the experiences of UN-Habitat and GLTN, the documents have been developed by a team of land professionals and practitioners, and refined by a group of experts, policymakers and member state representatives of the Habitat III Secretariat.

The two-page document is intended for an audience of high-level officers and member state representatives and addresses the question of why member states should commit to: (1) tenure security for all; (2) sustainable land use; (3) generating land-based revenues for the benefit of all; and (4) enable responsible land governance. [English | French | Arabic]

The Brief Notes document gives more information around these key points and targets a broader audience. [English | Arabic]

These two advocacy materials have emerged from a larger research paper on land and the New Urban Agenda commissioned by GLTN. [Summary report | Full report]

Besides the immediate use of advocating for a strong land dimension in the New Urban Agenda, these messages can be useful in generally making the case for the need to address key elements of land governance and land management.

More information is available on the Habitat III page on the GLTN website.

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