Environment & Urbanization issue on urban livelihoods available open access

20 Oct 2016
Environment & Urbanization issue on urban livelihoods available open access

The ability of cities to create good employment opportunities has come into question in the wake of the global financial crisis and this concern is made all the more urgent in the context of an increasingly urban global population. The October issue of Environment & Urbanization explores this topic in more detail.

The issue has been compiled and edited by colleagues from Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO).

You may enjoy the articles from this special issue free-of-charge until 15 November 2016.

The contents of the special issue include:

  • Editorial: Urban livelihoods: reframing theory and policy, by Martha Chen, Sally Roever, and Caroline Skinner
  • Home-based workers and cities, by Martha Chen and Shalini Sinha
  • Street vendors and cities, by Sally Roever and Caroline Skinner
  • Waste pickers and cities, by Sonia Maria Dias
  • Promoting workplace health and safety in urban public space: reflections from Durban, South Africa, by Laura Alfers, Phumzile Xulu, and Richard Dobson
  • Technology, informal workers and cities: insights from Ahmedabad (India), Durban (South Africa) and Lima (Peru), by Martha Chen
  • Protecting caste livelihoods on the western coast of India: an intersectional analysis of Udupi‚Äôs fisherwomen, by Kaveri Thara
  • Youth poverty, employment and livelihoods: social and economic implications of living with insecurity in Arusha, Tanzania, by Nicola Banks

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