New training modules on informal settlement upgrading available

28 Aug 2017
New training modules on informal settlement upgrading available

A new 'resource kit' released by the South African National Upgrading Support Programme (NUSP) provides the latest thinking, information and approach to undertaking informal settlement upgrading, as well as training materials, to enhance the ability of practitioners and key stakeholders to implement upgrading initiatives.

The purpose of the resource kit is to support effective informal settlement upgrading in South Africa.

We believe this is a very unique training resource, tailored to the South African context but definitely relevant globally in the efforts to promote in situ upgrading of informal settlements wherever possible. It sets out deliberately to change mindsets and provide capacity by locating upgrading within constitutional, legislative and policy mandates, national imperatives, funding mechanisms, social support mechanisms and the longer term process that starts long before a project in conceived and continues beyond. It should be of use for academic courses as much as for NGOs and social movements.

The kit consists of:

  • A manual comprised of thirteen chapters covering different aspects of informal settlement upgrading.
  • Training materials comprised of a participant's booklet, facilitator's guide and references.

In addition, a facility to document and submit case studies of successful informal settlement upgrading projects and programmes is provided. Those using the resources are invited to submit their case studies to help develop the materials over time.

Please visit the NUSP webpage to read about and download the resource kit.

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