How to Join the AAPS


Membership of AAPS is open to schools, departments or programmes that award degrees in city/urban and/or regional/rural planning, sometimes combined with environmental planning, located at institutions of higher education in Africa.

Joining AAPS and maintaining active membership

Membership of AAPS is conferred once a planning school completes a brief information form containing details of the school (nature of degrees offered, contact details, numbers of staff and students, etc.) and returns this to the AAPS secretariat and steering committee chair, who will then make this information available on the AAPS website. Active membership is maintained by responding to annual requests by the secretariat/chair to confirm and update these details.

Please click here to contact the AAPS secretariat to enquire about joining the Association.


Once they have joined, AAPS member schools benefit from the circulation of information, from linkage to organizations with which AAPS is affiliated, and (where funds are available) from invitations and support to attend meetings and workshops. Members also benefit from access to the AAPS database of planning schools as well as to the teaching and research resources hosted on the AAPS website.