Lagos State University

The establishment of the Centre for Planning Studies by the Lagos State University was in fulfillment of one of its cardinal objectives, which is the provision of qualitative training in areas of critical need and relevance to the State in particular, and the nation in general.

The location of Lagos State University in a rapidly urbanizing metropolis makes the institution an ideal laboratory for planning education. The Centre is therefore conceived primarily as an avenue for providing an enabling academic environment for the training of middle and high level professionals in the various specialties of urban and regional planning.

To date, the Centre has continued to move steadily in the articulation of its training function in urban and regional planning through teaching and research. To this end, specific programmes have been mounted at the postgraduate diploma and master levels with options in urban and regional planning, transport, resource management, tourism, planning research and statistics, as well as population and development.

As we progress into the twenty-first century, it is anticipated that the Centre will continue to grow by leaps and bounds to allow for the additional expansion of in-house programmes. By the same token, the Centre should be able to attract highly skilled academicians and professionals to man the vast organizational responsibilities that are warranted by the demands of institution-building and social prominence.