Call for applications: Urban crime and violence prevention e-course

Friday, 3 March 2017

The African Union Leadership Academy (AULA), in partnership with the Social, Urban, Rural, and Resilience Global Practice team of the World Bank, has invited African participants to enroll for an online learning programme on the topic of urban crime and violence prevention.

The course will run from 7 March to 6 June 2017.

Click here to register for the course, and here for further information.

Urban crime and violence constitute a serious impediment to economic and social development globally. In many urban centers across the world, high crime and violence rates are undermining growth, threatening human welfare and impeding social development.

Within this context, the aim of this course is to enhance the capacity of communities and local governments to design, implement and manage effective and sustainable crime and violence prevention and reduction strategies.

This course offers a total of 10 modules. Six conceptual modules introduce the subject and examine the conceptual and theoretical frameworks of crime and violence, situational crime and violence prevention with an emphasis on the methodology Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), as well as the various types of social prevention (intra-family, youth and school-based violence prevention, and community/problem-oriented policing). The conceptual modules are followed by four practical modules, where participants learn to design, implement and evaluate a crime and violence prevention strategy through a five-stage methodology and a series of hands-on, real-life exercises, diagnostics, development of multi-sectoral partnerships, community participation, design of a communication campaign and action plan, and monitoring and evaluation.

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