Apply to host the World Planning Schools Congress 2021!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

The Global Planning Education Association Network (GPEAN) welcomes proposals from the members of its associations to host and organize the fifth World Planning Schools Congress (WPSC) in July 2021.

The WPSC aims to bring together scholars and professionals from all continents, providing opportunities for international academic and scientific exchange, as well as encouraging debate on current planning problems, experiences and solutions in different parts of the world.

GPEAN has created a WPSC Steering Committee responsible for preparing and disseminating the WPSC 2021 call for proposals and, together with GPEAN Coordinating Committee, to select the successful proposal. The Steering Committee will also assist the host institution (which can be one or multiple academic institutions affiliated with one of the eleven GPEAN associations) in planning and organising the Congress.

The WPSC Steering Committee has published a document to guide interested schools in proposing the necessary activities according to a suggested timeline, and in ensuring that the WPSC 2021 will be a successful event.

Please click here to download the guideline document.

Proposals to host WPSC 2021 will be submitted via a two-stage process. In the first stage applicants will submit a preliminary proposal (deadline: 1 May 2018). The Steering Committee will make a selection of viable Congress proposals by 1 June 2018, and will invite the shortlisted institutions to prepare a full proposal (deadline: 1 August 2018). The Steering Committee will further provide feedback to shortlisted proposals to make the final proposals as strong and complete as possible.

The final selection will be made by GPEAN in Autumn 2018.

If any AAPS institutions are interested in preparing a proposal, please contact James Duminy, who will put you in direct contact with the AAPS Steering Committee for advice and support.

Click here to read about AAPS events and activities at the 2011 WPSC held in Perth, Australia.

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